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The best dependency is no dependency


Return of the daily post (I hope)

Time for a ridiculous claim: I’m going to get back to daily posts!

Anybody believe me?

[crickets chirping]

No, seriously. I’m going to do it. But here’s the thing: I have become (actually, I’ve always been) very aware that a big part of the reason I hardly ever post anymore is that I try to say too much. I aim to make these big, all-encompassing observations; and it takes so much time (or perhaps the real hurdle is mental energy) to do that, I get discouraged from writing anything at all. This is doubly a problem because when I do get around to writing something, I often end up rushing it and don’t quite cover all the ideas I set out to discuss. So it falls flat.

My new strategy will therefore be to write:

  1. More concisely
  2. At a narrower scope (without diving quite as deeply into details, or reaching for quite as many connections); and therefore
  3. More often!

Hopefully this way I can actually meet my goal. This way I will be able to meet my goal!

Anyway, in the interest of keeping this announcement self-contained, I will leave it at that for now. With any luck, I will write another (meaningful) post later today; but I’m also willing to cut myself some slack and count this as my daily post today for now.

Check it out! I’m a jQuery Mobile contributor!

That’s right; one of my changes was accepted into JQM’s GitHub repository. That makes me official.

What’s that, you say? Does a 1-character change not count? Psh.