Return of the daily post (I hope)

Time for a ridiculous claim: I’m going to get back to daily posts!

Anybody believe me?

[crickets chirping]

No, seriously. I’m going to do it. But here’s the thing: I have become (actually, I’ve always been) very aware that a big part of the reason I hardly ever post anymore is that I try to say too much. I aim to make these big, all-encompassing observations; and it takes so much time (or perhaps the real hurdle is mental energy) to do that, I get discouraged from writing anything at all. This is doubly a problem because when I do get around to writing something, I often end up rushing it and don’t quite cover all the ideas I set out to discuss. So it falls flat.

My new strategy will therefore be to write:

  1. More concisely
  2. At a narrower scope (without diving quite as deeply into details, or reaching for quite as many connections); and therefore
  3. More often!

Hopefully this way I can actually meet my goal. This way I will be able to meet my goal!

Anyway, in the interest of keeping this announcement self-contained, I will leave it at that for now. With any luck, I will write another (meaningful) post later today; but I’m also willing to cut myself some slack and count this as my daily post today for now.


One thought on “Return of the daily post (I hope)

  1. I’ve read quite a few of your posts, and the ones that stick out are the thoroughly thought through ones. Personally I don’t see the point of forcing yourself to do daily posts. There is a difference between short and concise; It’s not possible to do concise posts without thinking a subject through and through. The bottom line is, you won’t scare me away by posting too little, but rather by posting too much ‘half-baked’ ideas. I don’t seem to be the only one with this opinion either:

    But then again, will you really start posting on a daily basis? ;p Hope to read more from you!

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