The best dependency is no dependency


4 thoughts on “The best dependency is no dependency

  1. svick says:

    How come you have dependencies on *both* git and SVN?

    • Daniel says:

      Excellent question! My team is working at a large corporate client where SVN is used officially by the build & deploy teams and it is required for our code to be kept in a SVN repository. As a team, though, we use Git as our working VCS and git-svn to push changes to our SVN repo.

  2. Carra says:

    Often it’s a choice between programming it faster or making the program faster. The first usually wins.

    Throwing hardware at a problem is often cheaper then optimizing.

  3. Braga says:

    While I was going through the article, I was expecting that you would consider this phenomenon with life and people at some point and probably would have given more juicy insight with 1 extra paragraph. Anyways, nice read !

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