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New post: Introducing Lazy.js

New post: Introducing Lazy.js


New post: Your brain is a liability

New post: Your brain is a liability

I also totally forgot to link here to my previous new post, which is about a gem I wrote to change the way DataMapper handles errors: Unbreaking DataMapper


So, there’s an online tool I made some time ago, which I’ve been meaning to clean up for quite a while (at the time I first spiked it out, I only even had a clue what I was doing in about half the technologies it uses); but seeing as my last update to it was 6 months ago I’ve realized it would make more sense for me to just share this with the community now and then maybe get around to adding more features and cleaning it up down the road.



It’s called CloudDevelop, and I personally think it’s a nice little tool. Its features include:

  • Real-time collaborative editing (like Google Docs)
  • Attractive syntax highlighting and code formatting for a bunch of programming languages
  • Online compilation and execution of your code

Of course I recognize that there are lots of way bigger projects out there that seek to do these things and more—Cloud9 IDE and both come to mind—but my intention was never to make a full-blown product out of this. Like I said, it’s just a tool, albeit one that I think has the most useful things you need (or that I wanted when I built it, anyway).

I would actually love any and all feedback, so developers: please do try it out and let me know what you think, in the comments or on the GitHub repo!

Check it out! I’m a jQuery Mobile contributor!

That’s right; one of my changes was accepted into JQM’s GitHub repository. That makes me official.

What’s that, you say? Does a 1-character change not count? Psh.