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Moving to a new website

I may come to regret this, but here goes…

I’ve decided to move off of WordPress to a new site at my own domain.

The reasons are not all that complicated. I’ve really enjoyed using WordPress for the past few years; but there are things I’d prefer to do differently. One is to have greater control over the look of the blog (though you’ll notice the new site has a distinctly similar, albeit wider, appearance). Another is to have a better way of writing posts. For a while now I’ve written most of my posts using Markdown, compiling HTML locally on my PC and uploading the result to WordPress. This is a pretty annoying process and also one that leads to discrepancies between my version-controlled blog (on GitHub) and the one hosted on WordPress, as I correct little mistakes or make minor wording changes after publishing.

Anyway, like I said, this may prove to be a mistake. We’ll see. For now, I’ll treat the new site as my official blog and will continue to put links to new posts here on WordPress as I write them, just so that folks don’t forget about me!

Now, check out my new site! And let me know what you think. (By the way, it has a new post about a YAML-parsing gem I wrote.)


A/B testing and irreducible complexity

This post has moved to my new location,

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