Does jQuery turn programmers into babies?


2 thoughts on “Does jQuery turn programmers into babies?

  1. Carra says:

    I often see it happen that the Linq solution always get the most votes on stackoverflow. Even when the non-linq solution is more clear. People just seem to be thinking “can I do it in Linq” before trying any other methods.

    Although lately I’ve been doing the same. Yesterday I was wondering “Isn’t there a foreach method in IEnumerable?”. Apparently not but you always have the old fashioned way.

    • Daniel says:

      Agreed: the StackOverflow community seems to be a particularly fertile breeding ground for LINQ-based solutions (appropriate or not) to a host of problems. I think it’s perfectly fine (even advisable!) to look for existing solutions in software libraries; I am personally just wary of becoming so dependent on others’ work that I start to lose my own ability to code! Granted, I could just be paranoid 🙂

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