To start over or continue

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2 thoughts on “To start over or continue

  1. Tom Caruso says:

    Well spotted and a great analogy! I agree that we all approach differently, restarts and, the flip side, continuations to the next level. I wouldn’t have it any other way, and I wouldn’t discourage anyone from restarting or continuing, because their contribution is important either way.

    Your personal experience with software contributes both to your own knowledge of specific applications and the subtle features and challenges associated with building them, as well as to the knowledge of those with whom you share this experience, either by sharing the code and the lists of what still needs to be done, engaging in dialog about what you learned, or simply generally providing your insights here in your blog.

    As long as you can fund your efforts, I encourage you to restart or continue, whichever feels right.

  2. Kathryn M says:

    My guess would be that serial start up founders would be terrible at running a company long term, because what makes them so damn good at starting companies is the passion, the excitement, and the risk associated with that stage. This idea, this bouncing from one hot thing to another within start-ups, is uncannily the way most of my girlfriends describe dating in San Francisco– men who are very good at beginnings and absolutely unable to commit. Perhaps I just need to tell them to start dating men OUTSIDE of startups?! And, although I am half joking, I would be SO curious to see hard data on whether or not there’s a correlation…

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