The Windows UI to modify the PATH environment variable is probably the worst ever

I mean, seriously. Anyone who’s ever modified his or her PATH environment variable in Windows knows exactly what I’m talking about. Look at this piece of garbage!

The window isn’t even resizable! I honestly doubt it could be any more annoying to use.

Anyway, I searched around a bit but couldn’t find any software out there that addresses this problem. (In all likelihood, it’s probably out there; I just didn’t know quite what to Google*. “PATH” is, after all, a pretty generic term.)

So, like just about any good** software developer would do, I made my own.

Next time you want to modify your PATH and you don’t feel like messing around with the stupid built-in UI, give EasyPath a try.

It’s got:

  • Filesystem-based autocomplete
  • Drag & drop functionality (i.e., drag a folder from Explorer onto the EasyPath window)
  • A resizable window 😉

Frankly, that’s all I really felt was needed. But it’s open-source (why not?), so feel free to add whatever cool features you feel are lacking! Oh, and could you fix my bugs while you’re at it?

*OK, my bad. I just found one. So now there’s some healthy competition!
**I’ve never used the word “good” more sarcastically.


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