The Acquired Needs of Software Engineers


2 thoughts on “The Acquired Needs of Software Engineers

  1. David says:

    Excellent post, Dan! I’ve wondered many of the same things too. Hope you can keep your head above water! Balancing “wants” vs “needs” is key in all areas, and it’s interesting how you describe perceived needs as “vulnerabilities” which is a good way to put it that I hadn’t thought of before. In my professional sphere, I see much of the same quandary when it comes to what should be standardized and possibly regulated, vs. what should not. Everything that’s “required” has its consequences, some good and some bad, and what’s the weight of one vs. the other?

  2. Bragaadeesh says:

    I have a different point of view on this. Actually, I was a guy who would do only the two blues and had a happy life. All was well until the project started to scale up and the number of people working on the project had to frequently change. Yes, you can sit and brain storm and write clean software to your hearts content without any of these extra layers. But then you cannot expect everyone to be in your same wavelength. I started with a team of 2 and everything was cool. But the team had to aggressively grow and there were people coming in – going out. Once you mingle with a product or software, you acquire experience not only in the technology but also in the business and the working of the software suiting client’s needs. But with the market booming up, there is a lot of shifts in job positions due to obvious lucrative offers. This is a really tough time for us to expect people to flow with your frequency. It simply does not happen. And it becomes insanely “hard” to manage varying characters. At this situation, those non-blue boxes slowly becomes mandatory. Or at least have to be to have a practical life.

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