Is Apple just the default everything?

Today I give you a brief interlude from the subject matter I’ve been covering over the past several days.

A coworker earlier this morning noticed the devices sitting on the desk in front of me and said: “Wow, you’ve got a Zune, an Android phone, AND a Windows PC. Do you hate Apple or something?”

No, I don’t hate Apple. (To be fair: I definitely used to hate Apple, but not for any particularly good reason. I just didn’t think—and still don’t think, actually, but I’ve gotten over it—that they’re as amazing as everyone seems to think they are. Just another company with some cool products and some not-so-cool products. The idea that the iPad was a revolutionary idea irritates me, and will continue to irritate me even as everyone and his/her mother purchases one.) But I do question this assumption that just because I don’t have a particular Apple product (e.g., an iPod), that could only be because I hate Apple.

To me, this is just giving Apple way too much credit for being the obvious choice for just about everything. The truth is that I don’t really like iPods. And when I looked at smart phones to decide which one to buy, I loved the Droid X for its ridiculously big screen (for a smart phone). And Windows is just the OS I’m most accustomed to (though I’ll very likely install Ubuntu or some other Linux distro on my machine very soon).

It’s like, if you went to my apartment and saw that I had a Mac PC, and a BlackBerry, and a Playstation, would you think: “Wow, you must hate Microsoft”?

Or if I drove a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and played a Gibson guitar, and owned a Kawasaki jet ski, would you think: “Wow, you must hate Yamaha?”

I don’t think so.


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