Some sweet tools to aid me on my TDD quest

I mentioned in my last post that I intend to use TDD for the development of Tao.NET from here on out.

Well, moving forward, this should be a bit easier with the help of a couple of sweet tools I recently discovered.



First there’s TestDriven.NET, a Visual Studio add-on that makes integrating VS with various testing frameworks incredibly easy (I’m using NUnit, simply because I had heard good things about it—so far I’m a fan!). It’s free for individual developers working on open source software, which means it’s free for menice.



The next one (actually, it really comes with TestDriven.NET; but I view it as a separate tool) is NCover. This tool has been huge in helping me to figure out how much of my code is covered by unit tests. Thanks to this tool, I now currently have 100% coverage in two of the five namespaces of Tao.NET (the others will take a while to get 100% coverage on; but I’m still psyched for this small victory).

Yeah, these are going to be instrumental in helping me to transition to TDD for Tao.NET and for my future personal projects as well. Just wanted to share them with you.


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