Whoa wait a second what’s this?

A new theme?!?

That’s right; I decided it was time to change it up. The old theme was, to paraphrase my wife, “hideous” (obviously subjective—my regards to the designer—but I personally wasn’t too fond of it either, to be honest). More importantly I wanted to go in a lighter direction. But I knew that one important feature was that source code still needed to look good, since I do post source code occasionally on here*.

I think this new theme accomplishes both goals pretty well! What do you think?

using System;

namespace SourceCodeExample
    public class Program
        public static void Main(string[] args)
            Console.WriteLine("Look at me I'm source code!");

On a side note, it’s funny how when I was younger I would’ve always opted for a darker theme. Strangely as I’ve grown older (not that I’m really old, of course) my mindset has shifted in the direction of thinking that such color themes seem immature. Maybe I’m just becoming one of the faceless masses. But as a younger person I just thought it looked “cool” to have lighter text over a darker background. Does this remind you of anything?

Angels & Devils by M.C. Escher

Would kids be more likely to see the angels first?

Anyway, I wonder if you showed Escher’s Angels & Devils to a bunch of kids, whether they would see the bats first like most adults or they would in fact be more likely to see the angels first, since it hasn’t been hammered into their brains quite as long and hard that black is always a foreground color.

*Actually, my intention is to do this less in 2011, as it’s a very limited audience that would have any interest in reading source code in a blog. Still, let’s not kid ourselves; it’s going to happen.


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