Guess what I’m doing right now? (a.k.a. another random post)

You would not believe what I am using to type this blog post right now. That’s right, I’m typing on this!

Crazy Keyboard

Behold the Kinesis Advantage Pro

OK, so you probably could have guessed that if you read one of my recent posts. But still. It feels so crazy!

I told my wife, even though I definitely don’t have the hang of it yet, I can totally see myself falling in love with this keyboard. The only concern I do have is this:

Kinesis Advantage Pro with curly braces is a weird place

Gah, I need those curly braces!

I am a software developer, and those curly braces are in kind of a tough place. (I mean, gosh, it’s almost like they think that most people don’t use curly braces that often.) But I’m sure I’ll get used to it. And hey, if not, maybe I’ll just start using VB.NET a lot more instead of C#.

Actually, that’s a joke. There’s no way that would happen.


2 thoughts on “Guess what I’m doing right now? (a.k.a. another random post)

  1. a13ph says:

    Oh man, just remap it somewhere… I mean, there sure should be a place to put them. Heh, but it’s still better to use crazy layout than to hurt your hands using normal ones.
    Also, about crazy layouts. Check out these

    I always thought that Advantage Pro is a step in the right direction, but saw its functional keys as too far-placed. Is it comfortable for you to press them from home row position?

    • Daniel says:

      Yeah, I’m still learning about everything this keyboard can do (I figured out how to remap keys yesterday). I’ll probably find a new home for those { and } keys. I also learned yesterday that the keyboard came with a foot pedal! So I might use that as well.

      For me, the placement of the functional keys is fine. But I was never someone who used those too often. So maybe I’m not the best person to ask 😦

      Oh yeah, and those are indeed some crazy layouts! I don’t currently have any hand or wrist problems; I just don’t want to get any either.

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