My new Kindle, DOA :(

I was pretty darned excited when my wife got me a Kindle for Christmas—especially considering how skeptical she was (and is, I suppose) of the Kindle’s coolness (one of her first responses when I expressed interest in the Kindle or some other form of e-reader was: why would you want a Kindle instead of an iPad?)—I was excited, that is, until I turned it on and saw this:

Messed up Kindle

Messed up Kindle

Not cool, Kindle.

Fortunately, I contacted Amazon’s customer service (a big thank you to Fred, by the way, the poor guy they had working on Christmas Day) and should be receiving a replacement device in the mail as early as Tuesday next week, assuming the blizzards happening on the east coast right now don’t slow down the package too much.

My intention had originally been to discuss why I’m so excited for the Kindle (I don’t mean to sound like I have this incredible brand loyalty to Amazon; really, I would’ve been just as excited for a similar device from Barnes & Noble or Sony or any other reputable company that makes things like this… but the Kindle is certainly the most famous such offering) as opposed to, e.g., an iPad. I’m not against getting an iPad, mind you—in fact I’d say it’s likely that my wife and I will get one (or two?) for ourselves at some point in the next year or so, just because why not?—but I feel pretty strongly that devices like the Kindle are not irrelevant, that they do deserve a place among the various “nice-to-have” gadgets of our modern society, that they’re… well, basically just cool.

That was the plan. But reality has set in: I’m too tired. So I’m going to bed. Maybe I will write more about my Kindle when the replacement comes on Tuesday.

Anyway, I’m still excited, despite this temporary setback. I’m expecting big things from this little guy… or rather, the next little guy who’s on his way to take this little guy’s place.

In other news (and speaking of Christmas gifts that I wasn’t able to enjoy on Christmas), my wife also ordered me one of these bad boys:

Kinesis Advantage Pro

Kinesis Advantage Pro

It hasn’t arrived yet. But it will soon. Just look at that beauty and tell me you’re not jealous.


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